Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random bits

These past few weeks have been fairly quiet with the holidays going by so heres a post of just some of the random things we've been doing.. more regularly scheduled posts will be coming along now that we are back to our normal days :)

Snowman Shaving Cream Puff Painting

Playdoh monsters

Footprint Penguin calendars for January

Constellation bottles - When you look inside the constelation has been pinpunched into the bottom of the container so the light can shine through and look like little stars

Light Bright to make our own constellations on

Our word wall - The kids worked together to pick 21 jobs they wanted to learn about and these are them

Our calendar with the days of each occupation we are working on

And lastly, our group calendar. This months pattern for the numbers is Astronaut, Artist, Athelete

More to come soon!

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