Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Ok back to being able to blog more, now to just catch up! We've done a lot in April starting with.....

April fools day! We decided to celebrate France style this year by making and taping paper fish to each others backs.. The kids loved it and it kept them from wanting to try to play actual tricks on each other!

Making snowmen. Luckly the snow almost completely melted right after this snowman though I am hearing we are getting snow again soon! Least it shouldnt stay for long this time

Making Calendars.. This time we used our footprints and turned them into rabbits. Then I just looked arond on the internet for a spring poem to go with it. I find since we have started doing these every month the kids are so much more inerested in what month it is.

Making domino towers. Such concentration went into making this

Making sentences. I have a word wall up for them with the primary dolch words on it and a group of them thought it would be fun to write out different things they could make with those words.

An awesome dollar store find.. A mini version of perfection. There is a start/stop button so the kids can just use it to practice putting the shapes in though they do love to set the timer and watch the pieces jump up at them!

A mini pop up pirate game, also from the dollar store! You put the swords into the slots in the barrel and if you hit the wrong spot, the pirate jumps up out of the barrel. Great for my pirate loving boys here. Soon, I'm going to get a little treasure chest to store the swords in as well

All in all, we have been having an awesome April :)

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