Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas time!

After a busy summer im back to blogging! We had a great summer filled with lots of outside exploring, attempting to grow a garden, cooking with fresh veggies, and most importantly, just having fun being kids! We have also gone through our transition time of our big friends all heading off to school and have settled nicely into our new schedules and groups. Now, time to get everything ready for christmas! All my little ones are just so excited to see the big jolly man coming soon and i'm doing everything I can to make that excitement even bigger :)

This month we are guiding our activities towards winter and christmas things.. Here is the start of our new shelf activities.........

Pouring silver balls.. For an added challenge I gave them just one cup but more beads then will fit into the cup so they need to learn when to stop pouring so as not to make a mess

Here I cut up cinnamon sticks into small enough pieces that they can fit into the snowman on the ice cube tray.... The kids then practice using the tweezers to pick up the pieces and put them in.. and of course theres always the added fun of smelling each piece which seems to be their favorite part  :)

Because my kids all seem to be super big into tweezers and things I set up a second game using them this month. In this game there are red and green bells and they need to be separated into two little metal containers

Dollar store find! Everyone always loves tic tac toe :)

I took old easter egg halves and attached bells inside of them using pipe cleaners which also make the handles. Half of the bells I took out the piece inside that makes them jingle so the kids need to separate them between jingly bells and silent bells.

The other day we also did a great activity to make snow flakes. I cut out the snow flakes from paper first and then we taped them onto a white piece of paper together. I then gave them a sponge and black paint so they could sponge overtop of all of the snowflakes so that when we took them off we ended up with white snowflakes in a night sky :)

I love these little books.I picked them up recently second hand and the kids look forward to this every day. there is a book for each day before christmas and as an added bonus, each one is also an ornament for the tree. It has become part of our circle time every day to get our new book and read it before putting it on the tree.

This is all juts the start of our christmas fun.. Hopefully I will have more activities to post soon!


  1. I really need to find another dollar store! That tic tac toe board is too cute! I found a cute peg board for my Boogie's trays but I think he would like that snowman too. And your egg shell bells are so clever!

    Stopping by from Montessori Monday :)


  2. Just stopping by from Montessori Monday! I also love finding things for kid-centered activities at the dollar store! I haven't set-up any trays with tweezers yet, but I know this type of activity would be a hit with both my tot and preschooler. Thanks for sharing. I just joined your site on GFC!


  3. Great practical life activities - and I love your creative jingly bells! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. (If you could add the Montessori Monday button or link back, that would be awesome!) I added your post to my Montessori-Inspired Christmas Activities at