Friday, June 1, 2012

Garage sale time!

Garage sale season is always my favorite time of year.. I love being able to find new treasures for the kids at a fraction of their normal price! This year so far we have already found......

A game of magnetic gears! The center gear also has a battery and can spin in both directions

It goes great with our new magnetic chalk board! This is approximately 2ft x 3ft

and is even a felt board on the other side :)

We also found this set of magnetic words for our new chalkboard

An abacus to help us with our math

A wooden train set, with 1 thomas train even!

A phonics game - The place where you write with the pen doesnt work so well but all the buttons and games on it work perfectly!

And of course, everyone needs some new furniture sometimes.. They are just LOVING their chairs 

I don't have a picture of it but we also got a HUGE stack of highlights magazines.. Altogether we've gotten everything for maybe $20!  Heres hoping the weather will cooperate for more garage sale fun this weekend!

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