Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Various activities - Part 1

Ok so i finally found a memory card and got some pictures of some of our activities! theres still lots more to come when I get some time though

Our W game - You have to take turns going around the board. Anytime you land on a picture that starts with W you take a snowman piece and whoever makes 2 snowmen first, wins!

Our land and water forms from November. We were learning about the System of Lakes and Archipelegos!

An Eye-spy bottle. Theres about 2 dozen different things in the bottle to look for. Next time I make this I'm going to put a control sheet with it so they know what to look for.

Touch and Feel sensory balloons and scent bottles. For the balloons they are filled with rice, flour, beans and more. Each green one matches one of the white ones. For the bottles I put cotton balls with different scents in them. To match them you need to find the wide lidded one that matches a normal lidded one. I find with the bottles especially they work great for all ages. My bigger kids love to match them while the little guys will just carry them around smelling them.

Ok so theres a few of our activities but theres still lots more to come!

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