Monday, February 7, 2011

Picasso - blue period crafts

Blue period

To start our blue period day we made these paintings... I chose this picture as I knew it was a Picasso image the kids were all familiar with.. We used a variety of mediums to color them in, the kids were amazed that the paint just rolled off the crayons

We also talked about how colors can change our emotions... Each of kids did a picture on this...Picasso colors

The kids already knew picassos blue period was started because his best friend died which then brought up a philosophical debate on death.. I stayed back and observed this debate, wanting to allow their ideas to flow freely between each other without adult interruption.. After a lot of talk about nothingness, heaven and death the kids decided they don't want to die yet but they all think they will go to a happy place after... It's amazing the conversations the kids can have, sometimes it does not sound like a group of preschoolers in here!
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