Monday, March 21, 2011

St Patricks day!

Still missing my phone for writing posts so this is a few days late!
Putting Shamrock picks into the holes of a strainer.. This activity actually surprised me, I put it out for my older kids to help with eye hand coordination and the one who loved it the most was actually one of my youngest! Hes just turning two soon and just sat there with such intense concentration trying to get these into the holes.. By the end of the day you could see improvement already!

Of course we also had to make some decorations. This was a great opportuinity to teach about the color spectrum. To help I used the song by They Might be Giants off of my new favorite cd of theirs, 'Here comes science', called Roy G Biv.. The kids thought it was hilarious that there was a guy whos name spelled the color spectrum :)

No party is complete without party hats as one of the little girls told me the day before the party.. Luckly when I went to the dollar store they had these awesome shiny little hats for the kids!

Pin the shamrock on the leprachaun! I just printed off a picture of Lucky and used foam shamrock stickers

Every party also needs some cool plates and tasty snacks....

Green pasta, Fish sticks, and rainbow vegetables for lunch (we also pretended the corn was gold)

Turnovers with green icing one of my clients brought in

And last but not least, green milk to go with it all!

The kids all had a great time at the party... now to start getting ready for our easter party!

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